Into The Moon's Room
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"Oh, to go where the clouds sleep, Where the moons dance, And the stars weep. I went into the moon's room, Zoom, Zoom. There were stars in his closet and clouds in his bed, and lying in the corner a black bird with her feathery black head." A boys honor and oath to his deceased aunt to carry on the story they created and threaded together about a black bird, and the moon.

Rebecca describes her photography story as both a reflection, and commemoration of her sister and her sisters unique relationship with her son. Her photography is also an observation and emotional response to her life, her experiences, and the world around her. Her photography is at times a reflection of the emotional lives of her children, sometimes an observation of human behavior, other times an interpretation of her own emotional expression. She describes her photography as a raw need to express visually what is sometimes difficult to do verbally.