Erosion 1 (fosfoleina 69)
Project info

This work has been an introspective journey for me. 

I have laid bare my obsessions, passions, exaggerations and fears - but also some imaginary visions I'd unconsciously crafted. My intimate feelings are mixed with fragments of a fictional reality; one that I longed to have experienced but never got the chance to. 

It was only on looking back at the completed series, that I realised I’d been walking the thin line between truth and illusion all along.

Erosion is an ongoing personal project divided in various parts. For every completed part, I'll try to produce a self-published small fanzine. Because I believe a photograph essence is only fulfilled when it becomes a physical object.
Erosion 1 is featured in fosfoleina69, a fanzine self-published in December 2015.