Taranto: the ocher death.
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Taranto is a city in southern Italy, bathed by two seas and located in the heel of the boot of the peninsula. Its air is poisoned by fumes benzoapirene, oxide, arsenic, dioxins, lead and PCBs. Ilva, the largest steel factory in Europe has spent decades polluting the city, filling its streets with a distinctive ocher oxide dust. Ilva used for their production of steel iron ore, which stores large areas, called 'mineral parks', which are veritable mountains of iron powder outdoors, up to twenty meters. Minerals parks are only 170 meters from the residential area, coke ovens 730 meters, and the boundary wall of the factory is 135 meters from the nearest house Tamburi district, which has about 18,000 inhabitants and which at one time it was the healthiest city. The tombstones of the cemetery is next to the factory, before the white marble covering dangerous oxide dust. Dioxins in the air and cancer. Since 1970 the incidence of cancer has doubled in the city and tumors in the pleura is four times higher than in the rest of the region. The water in the homes of Tamburi goes black. Everyone, in Taranto, a parent has a brother, a friend, a victim of the steel mill. Work and cancer or unemployment and poverty. Workers prefer the first. They have no choice. Since 1991 Taranto is "high environmental risk area". While the old district, which was beautiful Citta Vecchia across the river falls to pieces, forgotten and abandoned by the authorities. And the ocher walls of the old palaces eroded by time and without rehabilitation, resemble the poisoned ocher dust that covers the city.