100 Faces of Vietnam
Project info

The project ‘100 Faces of Vietnam’ represents a society, which is on the brink of change; it shows the people from a developing country caught between tradition and modernity. Photographed in 5 different cities from the North to the South, these portraits allow a view into people’s homes and work places plus an insight into their lives and concerns – some of them are unexpected.

Vietnam is still a communist country, but it has opened its doors to the West and it is developing fast. Its cities are almost unrecognizable from how they looked 10 years ago. With this in mind I was wondering - what is going on behind doors? I wanted to take a closer look behind the facade and explore how people use their personal spaces at home or at work. The result is providing an intimate insight into the diversity of Ho Chi Ming City (South), Hanoi (North), Da Nang, Hue & Hoi An (Central Vietnam).