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January 28. Space Shuttle Challenger explodes. The 7 aboard perish.
February 1. Arne Naess and Diana Ross marries.
February 28. Olof Palme is shot and killed.
April 5. Avalanches in Vassdalen. 16 soldiers lose their lives
April 8. Lockout. Over 100,000 LO members excluded.

April 11. Daniel Rønning Stokkan are born.
April 26. Chernobyl accident.
April 30. Willoch government goes by.
July 23. British Prince Andrew marries Sahra Ferguson.
September 6. Steffen Tangstad lose VM fight against Michael Spinks.

1986 was the year Daniel was born. A "world event" for two young parents.
But Daniel was from the outset a boy who would rather not leave the wet, warm, safe element in the mother's womb. He waited with the separation and the face of the world as long as he could. Finally, he had out. Into a world he strange view known. But the equally strange way not known - again?

The playful boy bar and hid in an old and wise soul. A soul who spoke through what Daniel wanted to create. Something nice, something that room love. Which could arouse wonder. Like he himself marveled. Every day.

He searched tirelessly knowledge. And answers.

He searched tirelessly for what could fill the big missing after love. A love that bar everything, knew everything, everything. An eternal and unconditional love. Love as he saw it. Or maybe, as he knew it was. From the beginning.

Everything Daniel wanted was to create.
All he wanted was to give something back.
All he wanted was to fulfill dreams. Their own and others.
All he wanted was to see a world that is built on more than he did. Of answers. Of love. Of freedom to create.

June 13, Daniel chose to leave this unknown known world.
He chose life away in favor of the unknown known.
All he was carrying in his pockets, into the realm of love was a receipt from the hardware store.
On blue rope.

July 24. Railway accident in Santiago de Compostela demanded 79 human lives
September 9. Parliamentary elections 2013
October 16. Solberg's Cabinet took over after Jens Stoltenberg's second government.
November 3. Hybrid solar eclipse.
November 22. Magnus Carlsen became world champion in chess.
December 5. Nelson Mandela dies 95 years old.

- Torill Stokkan