Silent Dialogue - I'm Lost in Paradise #2
Project info

Beautifully as universal, (possibly) identical with the objects that I choose, such as: the woman, family, children, holidays, relaxing, riding the horse, have cute pet like a dog, walk around enjoying the soft sandy coastal beaches, as well as bathed in the warm sun, and so on. But in reality, I still doubt it all, despite a large part is a dream, which is 'normally-standards'. Tracing the life and confidentiality, so this serial photos represents me when I was thinking, watching, and to understand life's journey. Talking to myself and contemplate every photo that I get, from everyday photographing, to acquire and find a science through photography. Being: "Silent, Blind, and Deaf", for a moment, in a split second, and display it back through monitor (computer) to watching (editing / post-production) as well as to understand it more deeply. Viewing: "Black, White, and Gray", in a matter of Electromagnetic Spectrum and placement in RGB (red-green-blue), within the range of material 'photon', which is commonly referred to as: light and "Light", which is identified as : Visible Light.

Visible Light in "RGB" zone, it will look dazzling when it is manifested in a series of color photographs. But I want to learn it back, from early photographic processes, and simplify grading option value studies in black and white. I enjoy a photo through the study of a range of values of certain light spectrum, and select it, as well as further defining, for what and why I chose that spectral range. In fact, we may not see a white or black area range that is worth 100%, but it is too flat when all zones in the system image is only worth ranges gray (gray area). Meanwhile, black or white light range, into a range of value zero (0) or 100%, to the value of "mystery" in the invisible light spectrum (which can not be seen by the eye senses, but can be perceived by the other senses), which finally completes RGB (visible light), and all that's what I now understand to be: Life. And I became a 'silent' and 'dwell' on another quiet dialogue. And when doing that photo shoot, I was at one point of view, just standing or sitting, up to several hours.

"I'm Lost in Paradise", the word "in Paradise", reflecting from RGB - visible light the beautiful, being "Lost" reflects the range of options in black and white and more extreme. I photographed all of it, I seemed to be in the black areas, which look towards white, diffuse through the gradations of gray color (RGB) is. And "I'm", is the subject of personal stories, 'figure' that appear symbolically represented by the objects contained in the body of photography itself. An ironic that becomes unity that tells a state, when it was over 10 years of being on the island is so beautiful - Bali. Supposedly, I was able to roam the planet, but I actually even complacent and lost with the beauty and silence. Lost, probably more appropriate defined by: stranded on a small island that is beautiful, and cause a lot of twists and puzzle of life. But that is exactly what is touted as the perfection of beauty of life,-maybe so. Integrating visible light - RGB (which is gray), combining the value of "mystery" gradations of black and white areas with stronger, combining with the value of the visible and invisible-light, is one of the aesthetic way to 'bring the perfection of life', into all visual fragment which I obtained it through photography.