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‘When steady mind, clear vision, and soft heart come together in one single moment, ‘Good Eye’ manifests.’
The Miksang Institute for Contemplative Photography

In the summer of July 2015 I spent a month on Mount Subasio, Assisi, Italy. The residency at Ginestrelle, gave me the time and inspiration to play with photography.

Mount Subasio and Assisi, became my playground. The continually changing edges of the natural environment and the constructed environment, brought together with the transforming quality of the mountain light.

Playing with the light and shadow on the trees, attempting to capture the spirit of the area, experimenting with the Camera Obscura, bringing the outside inside and turning the world upside down, alongside double exposures; letting go of conscious control, exploring the world with fresh eyes.

The resulting images reveal the area from new perspectives, reflecting the experience, the atmosphere and the spiritual town of Assisi.