Project info

I had an opportunity to realize a series of photographs at my friend’s blacksmith workshop. Every time I came there, I was listening to hypnotizing sounds that were getting out from forging metal. I was observing blacksmiths’ moves, they were like synchronous dance. It is not only my opinion but also other people who had a chance to observe them during work. Their job is so incredible that when you have a glance at it you will have your eyes riveted to it. In the world production of metal ornaments, gates and fences have become automated, while human work has been marginalized to press ‘start and stop’ buttons. That is why, these kind of workshops as blacksmith are as pearls. I carried out this project at the end of March and the beginning of April 2012. Unfortunately, when I was finishing writing this text it was August and my friend had to suspend business activity. For the time being workshop will remain in passion sphere. I would like to thank Tomasz Świta for sharing his work with me.