Imaginary "I" & other stories Part II
Project info

When I wanted to imprison myself within confines of my room, when a lonely existence became deathlike, it was just then that I felt the urge to atleast look at myself. Thus was born the need of a mirror.
In my mirrorless room I looked at myself through my flatbed scanner- and soon the 'eye' became the 'I'. That is why my body, my mind form and my beloved ones are the main subject of my new ongoing photo project. As I continue to deconstruct and re-construct myself, the question that haunts me is- "Do these bits and pieces that constitute me- this collage of myself, my myriad emotions- my vulnerability, doubts, love, ties , obstinacy, indolence …- does the chorus of these parts add to create a different whole, a different me or a rebirth of a soul”?
All photos of this project made with a flat bed scanner. I tried to explore the possibilities and the limitations of the flatbed scanner through this project.