Manipulated Nature
Project info

This is a story of a 26 years old persian girl. she has studied architecture and works in architectural company. she is a friendly, easy going party all people's life, from outside, everything looks normal and happy in her life. But no!!! something's wrong with her. she feels there's something a little bit extra on her face. she wants to get rid of it.Despite her family and friends opinion, she insists on her own point of view. and that insistence takes her under the plastic surgery. That little extra thing is gone and here we have a new sharmin that is our oldie one in her latest version. Natural nose is gone, self confidence has come. but still nobody knows which one was better for her.
Nowadays,nose job has become an issue which many people in my country are facing it. This story shows a short period of time of a young girl's life who is one of these people.
"Manipulated nature'' refers to a new phenomenon which is very common these days and has got many negative also positive impression so far.
People spend lots of money on it and take a risk for surgery to be considered as "Good-looking" As they say!This project represents how can be comparative the meaning of "Beauty" in public opinion.
Ps: Due to the privacy rights her name is not mentioned.