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February 17, 2011 –
"The revolution" was born in Libya on that day.

A revolutionary chain runs through the continent.
Something black and opaqueness swallows all countries.
An old thing is denied, and it is going to reborn something newly with struggled and suffering.

What IS right?
What IS your desire?
What IS the goal?

Everyone fought with guns, although they had noticed that it is all a wild guess, and someone wounded anyone for freedom, and they got damaged themselves.

Various feeling scatters in quest of the "freedom" which is tinged with heat just like an epidemic.
Joy… scream… excitement… sadness… and hate…
The righteousness named a "revolution" wraps truth gently just likes sweet French toast. And it becomes pure fearfully.

They ran through Dark "winter”…
I looked for truth through a finder of my camera. And one light is felt through the finder.
"A spring" is going to come slowly now led by the light.