Project info

Tina is a transsexual who abandoned home when she was 15 and has never seen her family till then. She lived in a house in the south of the capital. A shelter prepared by the government for such tragic and Addicted women preventing them from sinking even more into the swamp of their lives.
"Some people happen to be men, some people happen to be women, some others are like me. Why should there be a difference between people" Tina said while being offended in the street. This is how she sees the world.
She felt more safe and more understood by these women; that's the point of this shelter; being accepted by a society . It was a place for her to call "home" after so many years of struggle.
2013 & 2014 she was in jail because of her addiction.
Now she is quite addiction and she has rent a house for herself and living with her dog and she effort to have better life.
Tehran 2010-2015