Japanese SAKE ~ Assets for next generation ~
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Fermentation of ~Parallel~.
It is an unparalleled, superior brewing technology in the world.

The supports of the tradition of the Japanese SAKE industry by this technology have been continued over 300 years. But there is no oncoming generation that tries to takeover from tradition. Agriculture is danger of extinction. Industry has developed because the internationalization advanced. Therefore, agriculture declines. The number of farmers decreases, and it becomes a lack of an heir, and the crisis of this tradition. It can be said that the crisis of the SAKE industry from which all the processes are mechanized, and have been made automation is connect with not only the world of the SAKE culture. Also this is the crisis of the food culture in Japan.

Sagamihara city, Japan, the KUBOTA Japanese sake cellar was established in 1844.
Young generations of 29 years old on the average, make every effort to do create the work of art (SAKE) in the small cellar.

It is prosaic and hard times now.
So it’s a difficult world to find “SOMETHING”.
In these days, their full of fire and pure passion for create SAKE. It exactly was tangible assets.
And meeting them became a property for me.

Thank you