Life-or-death -Live with the sea-
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People who live here are continuing “The life-or-death” natural life with blue-fin tunas.
They love this land, the sea, and the tunas; it has full knowledge of that severity of nature and a benefit, and a struggle survival against nature.

Oma Town, Aomori Prefecture

This small town located in the place of about 800-km from Tokyo to north is famous as a village of the blue-fin tuna. And it is said that “The Marine jewelry” which can be taken here, is the best of Japan in both quantity and quality.

Construction of the nuclear power plant was determined in this rich sea.
Change of environment of here. Therefore the number of “The treasure” is continuing becoming fewer every year.
People still live here and continue that "Life or death" Such a simple and clear way of life.

The first trading of blue-fin tunas of a New Year usual practice is performed in the central fish market in Tokyo Tsukiji.
Every year, the degree of attention of dealings of the blue from Oma town is increasing.

155 million yen that is the highest sum of money were attached to “The one” from Oma town by the first trading in 2013.