The Beginning and the End of Life … “Alone”
Project info

The project is carried out in an orphanage and a nursing home in 2015 in Oaxaca. Prior to beginning this project, I had not spent much time in either environment. Still I feel very connected with both and photography has been the way in which I have been able to approach this topic in a deeper and more personal way.
My goals were to: explore routines, emotions and human interactions at the beginning and at the end of the journey of life, in two places where people, in theory, grow and die alone; observe the differences and similarities of childhood and old age; raise own awareness about these two worlds and challenge some of the thoughts about both places. I recognize that these two environments highlight some of my own personal questions:
- My view of the nursing home is shaped by my relationship with my grandmother. She needs 24-hour-help, but she refuses to move to a nursing home. For her, it represents abandonment, sickness and incapacity. I am sure there is more and better than that, but these aspects must also be accepted the way they are. With my work, I would love to help all of us look at a nursing home with greater acceptance.
- My view of the orphanage is shaped by the fact that I have no children yet. So many people of my age (I am 41) who would love to have children try myriad fertility treatments. Still, how many kids in the world need parents? I know it is not that simple, we tend to want our own biological children. I feel it too, and at the same time I would like to challenge myself and see in these kids a potential family member. I also wonder, how do they feel? Do they really want to get outside of the orphanage and "abandon" their "sisters" and teachers who are their current families? …