Every puddle tells a story
Project info

With today’s society travelling at a much faster pace, I have been looking for a way to live true to myself. Having permanently left Belgium for the wide-open spaces of Australia, for about 6 years I photographed my newly adopted home.

After relocating from Darwin to Melbourne, chasing my dream of photography, I found that the act of photographing allowed me to escape the fast moving pace of city life. Instead of going along with the crowds, I began looking downwards in a dreamlike gaze, following my feet, while the street surface disappeared beneath me.
On wet days I started to see a part of Melbourne reflected in puddles on the pavement. I found beauty in this inverted vision of Melbourne, because I saw what other people had missed.

Every puddle tells a story is my journey towards slowing down, seeing with a new eye. By capturing the iconic structures of Melbourne reflected in puddles, I hope to take the viewer on a journey of self-reflection and re-discover the city they call home.