Food Waste
Project info

Food waste has become an ever growing concern. It is estimated that around 1/3 of the food produced for human consumption is going to waste. This loss occurs at all stages of the food-supply chain: agricultural production, transportation, distribution and consumption. While food waste is certainly a complex global problem, individual actions do contribute, making this issue a personal one. Through this series of photographs, I embarked upon a visual exploration of food waste happening in our homes.

These images are created by placing wasted food that had spoiled or expired in direct contact with old black and white photo paper. The paper was then exposed to sunlight until an image was formed. In addition to the light exposure, images are affected by reactions occurring between the decomposing food and the chemicals on the photo paper. From black and white photo paper, a vibrant color image is obtained.

The series highlights our personal contribution to food waste and aims to foster a greater awareness of the problem.