Shanghai Mood
Project info

Since many years I am intrigued and attracted by China's old and rich culture. I love the people, the spirit, the atmosphere, the food, the language (I started learning Chinese a few years ago). I spent long periods in China's cities at different seasons and years.
In China the past, present and future coexist in a way sometimes completely normal and sometimes completely unexpected. The ultra-contemporary architecture coexists harmoniously with transparent flying kites coming from other eras. The wear and tear of the walls has the traces of the passage of time and "remembers".
The memory of the old remains pure. Flanked by new it surprises, it moves.
Everything exists in a continuous process of harmonization of old and new, ensuring a perfect balance.
I took these pictures in Shanghai during an one month photographic stay. I walked all day, from morning till evening, in different neighborhoods taking pictures with the goal of capturing the mood, the essence of the city.
I do want to show the sensational, the different, the folklore, the tourist attractions but only the transparency, the harmony and fluidity that exists all over the city.