My Sea
Project info

Life on Street flows through us. Everyone moves from one point to another while having their own priorities. This creates a flow waiting to be captured by certain individuals, the ones who are committed to photography. I know that the street has a special music, which I refer as “the music inside the flow of the street”

I am trying to create my own music. I do not use a tangible tune that’s been created and printed on a paper like a composer would do. It doesn’t matter whether I choose to prepare a composition before I start capturing my frames or create an improvised music in the flow of the street with notes I catch with my own style. I am a photographer, in fact, just trying to produce my own improvised music.

Here is ¨My Sea”. A project which it’s music comes from me and the gorgeous beaches of Turkey, consisting of self developed analog and digital frames that took for about two years to produce. Enjoy...