The Town of Mine
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The Town of Mine
Each of us has a favorite place to which we return in our dreams or reality.
The project of artistic photography The Town of Mine assumes portraying women by medium format analogue camera Kodak 620 from 1940. The portrayed women are supposed to come from different Polish cities and towns. Conceptually, each of the portrayed women explains their choices in a few words with a specially prepared pencil on a separate white sheet of paper. These statements are a complement of these photographs.
The bag on their heads may be associated with humiliation. The bags were put on the heads of victims waiting for execution. However, my intention was something completely different. By selecting this particular kind of headdress I wanted to emphasize the loss of the identity as I often want to disappear myself, cover my head with the cap of invisibility and become invisible to the environment.
Due to the unusual conditions of the photo session the most suitable time of the day seems to be early Sunday morning in order to avoid trouble from the bystanders. The project arouses extreme emotions and sometimes it can be difficult to perform it. Sometimes even dangerous.
The analogue photography technique using Kodak 620 medium format camera requires a lot of knowledge and skills. During the trimming operations I have to be especially precise, because there can appear the possibility of parallax, which is the image shift with respect to the object portrayed. The distance measurement is carried out "by the eye" or “on the spot”, which means that I measure the distance from the photographer to the photographed object step by step. I am never absolutely convinced whether the image is correctly framed or rightly exposed. The roll is too high and too wide for the plate which is holding the photographic film. Thus to adapt the camera roll you need to pursue the following steps: cut and saw off the excess plastic in these circuits. Important is how many photos I can take with