Lord of the Dunes
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"As ephemeral as our footprints were in the sand along the river, so also were those moments of childhood caught in the photographs. And so will be our family itself, our marriage, the children who enriched it and the love that has carried us through so much. All this will be gone. What we hope will remain are these pictures, telling our brief story." Sally Mann

If there was a heaven, I think mine would be reliving this day over and over again. I have a health condition that can make life painfully difficult to enjoy, but on a day a like this none of that exists. Watching my son enjoy the little things, like covering his feet with sand, and running along the wave's edge makes everything else seem tiny and insignificant.

There is a joyful innocents in these moments that I didn't get the opportunity to experience much in my own complicated childhood and in a way I guess I am recreating that childhood everyday I spend with Loredo.