We All go to the Heaven
Project info

Since 2011 I’ve started a project about the identity of a part of a typical middle big European town that is about to change due to urbanization projects.
The old port and it’s infrastructure doesn’t fulfill the needs of modern and bigger ships, and so these parts of town became desolated in the 90’s and are about to modernize into new work - living spaces from the year 2000 on with a new atmosphere. There are many examples in Europe like that. (London, Kopenhagen, etc… )

This is the places where I live … a melting pot of all kinds of people, activities and interesting infrastructures. Within a radial of 5km I started to document what was about to change. The architecture, the authentic working class inhabitants, the new yuppies and hipsters, the temporary pop up activities in factories, etc… I took a radial of about 5km and followed the people, the work in progress, the parties, etc… within.

I would like to edit this part so that the story is more coherent and that it becomes more clear which direction it needs to go.

Another thing I would like to get some advice: 
In the same area there is a building that houses people with financial and social problems. It intrigues me a lot and I’m sure that some of the stories need to be told… but I feel a big ‘initial resistance’ because in my opinion, making this kind of pictures also has it’s consequences and responsibility. I would like to make some progress within the timeframe of the sessions.