Mapping the History of the Moon
Project info

After deconstructing my family home, I stepped outside under a full moon and took a breath. I felt strangely at peace. A ritual began that night of photographing once a month by the light of the full moon. That sense of night and timelessness allows me to experience a world where I feel most at home, where in the stillness I can sense my mortality. I instinctively create the photographs that reflect what remains of the day after dark, the essence of light and life distilled into color, gestures, and liminal moments of memory and time.

This ritual has produced three bodies of work: Mapping the History of the Moon, Fingerprints of the Moon and Traces of the Lost Canals.
The first examines loss and memory, the second is an internal exploration of self, and the third allows me to scan the external landscape, and connect with the historical context of my neighborhood.