White Haired Strangers (Every Picture Tells A Story)
Project info

We all love a story - be it truth or fiction. One only need think of the vast numbers of books, plays and movies that have been written or performed over the years to accept this as a truism. It's one of the things that makes us human: part of our very core. Taking this as a fundamental I've created a series of photographs of people who I've randomly stopped on the street, all of whom were and remain unknown to me. Some engaged in brief conversation, most did not. Deliberately I avoided discussing their back story. The only criteria I used for inviting them to be photographed were that they had white hair and appeared to have "lived a life" . On this basis I now invite you, the viewer, to construct your own story of each person in this series. Study their features, their eyes , their skin, the very lines etched on their faces and imagine in your mind's eye the passage of these individual's lives and the experiences they have encountered along the way. Their story is yours to write. One can only guess at the reality , but a fiction is there for you to create, should you so wish.