Acid Survivors
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Acid attacks in Bangladesh are usually the result of land dísputes, rejected marriage proposals, refusal or inability to pay dowry, resistance of being trafficked as sex worker or simply the desire for revenge. The overwhelming majority of victims are young women and children, but men are also increasingly among the victims. Permanently disfigured and psychologically scarred, survivors are often shunned from their local communities, making it impossible for them to find work or get married.

It is estimated that from 1999 and until 2013 app. 3000-4000 women, children and men in Bangladesh fell victim to acid attacks. Though the rate of acid violence is in decline, the number of attacks remains alarmingly high. Statistics are never fully reliable - I just know that every time I went there were new victims. They more or less came in on a daily basis.

In this exhibit you can met a few acid victims, which are among the most brave people I have ever come across.

My sincere thanks goes to the people from Acid Survivors' Foundation for doing great work in helping the acid victims. Through this serie of photographs, I have tried to tell a few short stories of incredible strong and proud people, who want to continue their life despite being victims of terrible crimes.