Project info

Grandmothers” is a series inspired by ethnological investigation. In order to make portraits of my grandmother, I used objects made by myself, based on Slavic rituals and customs. The use of wet plate collodion technique strengthen the link between the artistic approach and ethnological heritage. I begin to interest in wet plate collodion techniques view years ago- I new I'll be struggling with the cliché of nice, but boring portrait, interesting only due to it's technicality, but there came another context. How we, photographers, can manipulate their reception of a photograph by placing old technique in contemporary contexts and inversely- what old school image can tell us about present.
I refer to human's rituality- under the guise of ethnological investigation I created imaginative tribe. In technical and visual terms we could call it taken from 19th century. But is it really that obvious? Is it enough for the viewer to believe that there are not a part of present? Or its maybe only a play with ethnological and technical heritage?