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Shamanism is very popular unconsciously in Korean culture, behavior and history like the Christianity in the Western. Korean has subtly experienced the effects of shaman cultural surroundings since childhood. 'Gut' is the most important religious ceremony of Shamanism. Shaman, the priest is trained through long training and learning. But Gut is prohibited by government because it is classed as superstitious after 1970. So it is barely keeping deep in the mountains and its ceremony is vanishing soon. Only Donghae Byulsin Gut is designated as an intangible cultural asset and keeps going as a play for peace and wishes of fishing village. Gut is a ceremony, a play and a strong field of life. And it is a process of dealing with gods who answer a person's wishes. Through the ceremony of Gut, gods and people, people and people understand and make up with each others. Gut is focused on reality of life. People learn compromise and adjustment through Gut. Shaman is selected by gods after ill-defined disease. He is treated in a cold way. He can't to be gods and ordinary man. Gut is composed of five processes which are handed down orally. I become interested in not only Shamanism as traditional culture but also the media in communication and relationship between people and god through taking pictures of Gut.