Project info

The crows come to southern province of Korea in the winter every year. They are dancing and singing together in the air. It seems like symphony orchestra or group dances. I have worked this portfolio from 2010. I love the book, 'Ravens' of Masahisa Fukase. His work is based on the wife's death. Actually I want to work differently. I focused the myth and fantasy of unconsciousness from the crows.

The myths have long talked about new creation and births of creatures, repeating itself with slight differences made each time along the way of constant evolution. Fantasy in unconsciousness repeats itself as well. The differences create power, serving as a driving force for its repetition. One can acquire the reason for being and the legitimacy of existence through this process. Thus, the myth and fantasy brings one to life validating its existence and justifying its being. Today, the fine line between the myth and fantasy continues to play tug-of-war of space and time trying to keep its balance in search of a harmonious symmetric life.