Good things come together
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In Kodinhi, a small town in southern India, good things come in twos. To the mystery of doctors and several scientific studies, this small town in Kerala, has the highest rate of twin births in the world.

Each year, a veneration ceremony is held in the small Christian church, where hundreds of identical twins congregate in celebration of their “double identity” at the feet of St. Gervasis and St. Prothasis, two saints who, of course, are twins.

They say that our memories are the architecture of our identity. Like discovering an old box of family photos, this vintage-style series makes you feel that you are looking back on a distant memory. A double reflection of yourself – and yet changed with time.

We live in an age of digital photography where the perfect quality image is often void of time. To create the final images, photographer Jordi Pizarro used a filter that emulates the look of Kodachrome film and added borders from scanned vintage photos.

The pictures allow you to linger in a mysterious place between fantasy and reality. The series awakens our universal fascination with identical twins and the bonds that bind them. Like paging though an old photo album, painted over with a filter of memories - you wonder who you might meet in an enchanted tropical forest – if not yourself?