A story of a dead horse
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Ghoramara is the name of a Island, in bengalí language Ghoramara minds "a dead horse" long time ago there were Bengali tigers in the island. They say that one of them killed the horse of a British settler and that it is the discovery of the animal's dead body what gave the place its name.

In only four decades Ghoramara has lost more than 75 percent of its territory. Erosion and sea rising due to climate change are responsible for such a loss. While expert look for scientific explanations, the island's five thousand inhabitants strive to protect what is left and get prepared for the worst. It is a race against time with little tools and expertise, done more with the heart than with preparedness in an effort to save their way of life in one of the world's ecosystems most vulnerable to climate change. A struggle that won't be probably mentioned in next December UN climate change summit, although recent reports warn that the island is likely to disappear within the next 10 to 12 years.