lives behind the waste
Project info

I started to photograph approx. 2 years ago the waste in the scrapyard.
Soon I noticed how many stories there were behind wast and how their history were related to people who had used them.
They are used by people of all ages, children, adults and the elderly, and
the waste have their fingerprints, hair and fragrances. The goods have
been used in play, at work, on the way home, on vacation, when doing
housework, with breakfast, in lunch, in sleep and in the restroom. The
scrab have been used by poor, rich, middle class, farmers, housewives,
secretaries, executives, photographers and the unemployed. The scrab
have been involved in sorrows and joys, inside and outside, in the rain
and in the sun, on the roads, yards, fields and in the homes. The scrap
have been in people's life and death. While shooting the scrab I began
to see the whole spectrum of life through the waste. And it`s magnificent.