The Beat of New York
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The Beat of New York –

The city of NY has filled tons of lines in travel magazines, books, movie scripts and newspapers. I don’t think there is a single person in this planet who does not know about NY. We all know the city either because we have been there or because we have watched movies and shows that take place in the streets of the big apple. This emblematic city grabs the attention of any traveller due to its unique skyline, the beauty of its Parks, the vast and top quality cultural offer, its broad culinary offer or the never ending shopping options, …

But, how many lines have been written about NY’s street performers? I love the city for all the reasons mentioned, but for me what it is probably the strongest value of this city is - its ENERGY – the Beat of NYC is unbeatable.

Thank you to hundreds of extremely professional street performers, we can all, residents and visitors, enjoy top class cultural shows without having to queue or pay a ticket. From magic tricks, to free style dancing, passing through the most incredible human forms, our eyes get candy for the day. These great artists work hard to paint a smile in our faces and inject doses of energy in our system. They can turn a bad day into a better one. They work under any weather conditions; they perform on rough surfaces and burning asphalt.

Any part of NY – a park, a square, the subway, a corner, etc. – can become a theatre thanks to them. As a street photographer I can very easily relate to these artist. That is why this project intends to be a tribute to all of them regardless of the type of art the perform. What matters is their talent and hard work. To and for them!