Icons of Modern Civilisation
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You don’t fight revolutions with silk gloves

The female dress has always been the object of desire in its own right: the wearer plays an insignificant role. Surely, it is an extremely superficial representation of any woman to reduce her identity to a piece of cloth: faceless and nameless.
A disassociation that makes women fight for the right to author their own identity, which brings me to the question:

To Blend in or to Stand Out?
As it seems to me that the female body can be covered up, stripped naked, pushed up, exposed, or hidden in drapes as much or as little as she likes. Regardless of what any woman chooses to do or not to do; the world seldom allows her to forget that she is, first and foremost, an object destined to be either the martyr/ victim, the madonna or the whore. If she is anything else, then she is considered to be a superwoman. Not just a human being.

Masters of Duality
Women’s fight for equality has always used the female body and clothing as tools to fight, to be noticed, to be heard, to understand and to be understood. The full veil is no different or stranger to this. It is as much as political tool as it is a cultural signifier as it is a religious one as it is a status symbol as it is a sexual statement.