Refugees on the Balkan route
Project info

I am a photographer. I am a photojournalist. I walk around and observe. I observe people, I observe people in their environment. Every human being has his or her own life story and my story is made up with the help of photography. I try to make sure people follow their own path and don’t see me as an object with camera. Through my shots I aim to transfer my views and feelings. Sometimes for me it is enough, if the photo is intended only for me. Other times I wish for thousands of views on it. This is where the desire for something new, something better, arises.

I remember a day, when the news was showing the uprising of Syrian people in the city of Homs. For me that was positive news, but when I closed my computer something else went through my mind – what if the next morning the news wouldn’t be so good. After a few mornings this became reality. The Government reacted, people took guns in their hands and started shooting on each other. This was followed by people fleeing to neighboring countries. The first refugee camps were set up. I have followed this unfair part of society for years; people fleeing from their homes and I was ready to cover this story for people who don’t have the opportunity to see it with their own eyes. I have witnessed people fleeing from Libya and other Sub-Saharan countries to Europe.

In was only a matter of time, before the refugees from Syria took a route close to my home country (Slovenia), to reach a safer place somewhere in Europe. I approached them with my camera to record this misery. First I met them in Serbia, trying to cross the border during the night to Hungary. Back then only a few dozen individuals took this “Balkan route”. There I joined them on their night walk to European Union. It was harsh and emotional to observe what a human being had to go through, just to feel safe. For the children this was like a play, but you can see in their eyes they have witnessed some terrible scenes. At one point I helped to