El Presente
Project info

Understanding photography as "art to define this outside their temporary limitations" that is, about certain moments that become timeless, José Conceptes presents an even photographs in which his vision series captures a set of snapshot mode window, through which a series of characters 'present' that remain fixed in time motionless, silent, roaming, almost infinite, indeterminate space barriers are sensed. They are characters who seem to be decomposed in a vacuum, in a personal interpretation of this in which is revealed in a metaphorical way both present own observer as an undefined character mirrors the identity of the photographer, in their environment. José Conceptes captures and attaches importance to what normally goes unnoticed, with personal visions that stop in time in which past and future, no longer make sense to merge in a present tense. The before and after free time limitations disappear and then we find this "present" which is ultimately that of our own existence.
Beyond the real environment and the transience of the characters, their own timeless and vital link is created to the elements, almost imaginary spaces in which both the author and the characters move. Each of the pictures is independent but have a relationship of attitude and structure that is repeated in each, and whose meaning remains unchanged for a look that stirred.