Around a Transylvanian Village
Project info

Around a Transylvanian Village portrays the environment and people who live in and around a Transylvanian rural village. I had the good fortune to be invited by Rosa Drown (Director of RO-MAN-AID), to photograph Roma and Romanians living in several communities within Transylvania.

In the heart of the village was the Basilica. This was the pivotal point for the Romanians and Roma. The Basilica bells rang everyday at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. This signalled for work to commence and cease on the land . The Mayor’s offices, Primary School and Fire Station were also in the centre of the village. Groceries could be bought from the Post Office and a couple of shops which were dotted around the village. A frequent bus service was available to take villagers to a nearby town. I was given permission to photograph the Roma children whilst they were in school

I was charmed by the people and the environment of this Transylvanian village. Wagon and horses continued to be an important means of transportation. Through my interaction with the Roma and Romanians I was able to produce intimate photographs. As a token of my gratitude, every person who kindly allowed me to photograph them was sent an individual portrait of themselves.