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Personal Identity and Transgender

Transgender is a complex phenomenon which presents as ‘a discrepancy between the physical and mental identity’. What do we understand by gender? Does gender describe how one behaves or how one appears to others? Is gender determined by nature or is it a developmental process through nurture? These were questions I wished to explore through my interaction with those who come within the wide spectrum of transgender.

From the onset of this project my intention was to gain an insight and understanding of the emotional, physical and social complexities that trans-people experience. I present a group of personalities who through their candour and generosity have allowed me the privilege of interacting, and working with them. Every person I encountered narrated their personal and unique story. However, it soon became apparent that throughout these individual stories common elements were evident. Conversations have been an important feature of this project.

With the use of text and images I have presented a body of work that represents trans-individuals, who for varying reasons are in the process of morphing into their chosen and real identity.