The Other Shore
Project info

"The Other Shore" is a media project that is in progress and which I have been working on for three years. It consists of photography and video based on the ideas of slow-motion, performance, and work with space and objects.

Ideally these photos would be experienced in a round exhibition space with several entrances (or one in the floor, as in a lighthouse). There would be around 100 photographs hung in a particular order but without a concrete 'beginning' or 'end'. Each photograph is self-contained and expresses its own meaning, but in combination with the other images creates further ideas—as letters make up words.

For me, photography is an exploration of tangible things. I take objects from their place in the world and make them into images with their own associations, just as functional speech lies adjacent to lyrical music in the palette of sound.

I try to examine the causal principles of my own view of the world and all the information pouring out of it. I am interested in looking for parallels in separate elements of various art forms. I am trying to feel my way towards some kind of visual ‘poetry’. I select details (metaphors) from the immense volume of information in the outside world that might be able to create a cohesive narrative and explore some concept. Yet every image is self-sufficient and harmonious in itself.

—Nikita Pirogov