Visual Storytelling Awards 2015
Project info

For my graduation project, I turned personal experiences of psychotic patients during psychosis into visuals. With this project I aim to make the patients world more tactile and simplify communication between the patient and his environment.

Yearly, 3000 people in the Netherlands are affected by their first psychosis. They are mostly people between the ages of 15 and 30. Few people understand how it is to live with psychoses. Just a medicine is not enough for these patients. They need understanding and acceptance from their environment. With this project I want to contribute to an important social issue.

The visuals I have created for this project are based on real life experiences during psychoses. I found out about those experiences through interviews with 7 patients. The images consist of handmade 3D compositions, which I photographed into 2D visuals. The patients respond enthusiastically and recognize their experiences in the personal images. They expect the images to have a positive contributions to their personal contacts.

Lieke Janssen

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