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As I started to learn digital technology as soon as it was introduced I embraced this new technology and discovered it takes me a lot longer to create a finished image. Taking the photograph is only the first step in allowing the fusion of fine art technique with photographic imagery. I am not talking about mechanical methods of applying art filters or utilizing the computer to make it look artistic. I realize there are two forms emerging from this new digital electronic process. Many like myself can do both methods but I focus primarily on my original photograph, only utilizing this new digital process as a means to break away from the darkroom. In the past photographers utilized hundreds of processes and enhancements to create their photograph. My own creativity with the use of the camera differs in that it begins when I arrange my subject, lighting and composition and press the button on my camera. As a photographer my use of the computer and printer is now both an artistic tool and a method to control and develop my final photograph that allows me to control everything from start to finish and allows me to print on different types of Art Paper, metal, Canvas etc..