Central Park People
Project info

The photographs in the series were taken in Central Park between 2011-2016, focusing on a theme best described as the figure in the landscape. The images deal with the way in which subjects fit in the space surrounding them at a moment in time rather than as portraits that aspire to capture the individual personality. The figures are at time small, but they command the center of attention in circumstances that may be odd and sometimes amusing. Irony is an important theme in my work and the contradiction between the subject and the surrounding field often attracts my interest. I place significant importance on the formal composition and color relationships in the pictures which relate to my interest in painting. At times I am struck by the way in which some of the images seem like stage sets from which the subjects are likely to depart. I am fascinated by the ability of the photographic image to suggest a narrative based on a fleeting view that is open to interpretation by the viewer.