Rock Series
Project info

This is an ongoing series that I began in 2011 to document rocks that appear out-of-context to their surroundings. The rocks, or erratics, have been shifted and relocated by the movement of glaciers that once covered most of North America and other parts of the world. I'm lucky to have access to lakes and logging sites where I've been able to locate some of the erratics. When I find them on a lake, I usually kayak early morning before sun rises. I think part of my passion with this work, as well as documenting geological history revealed by the erratics, is being on a lake before sun rise and experiencing the first moment of daylight. The square format images were shot with my Yashica twin lens, a film camera from the 70s. More recent landscape format images have been photographed with my Canon Mark III. If the erratic is surrounded by deeper water, I take the shot from my kayak hand holding the camera, a good reason to pick a calm morning for the shoot!