The Magus
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The Magus
- Appellation used together babylonian priest is good at magic or astrology in ancient greece and rome.

These photographs were created in collaboration with internationally recognized magician Lee Eun-Kyul, the first Asian to rank number one in General Magic at Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques (FISM) and winner of the prestigious Merlin Award of the International Magicians Society (IMS).
Magicians have historically played key roles in society under various titles, whether they were called ‘Sorcerers’ challenging the gods, or ‘Wizards’ heavily influencing the political and religious decisions of empires. Today in a world where science trumps sorcery, and ‘magic’ is no longer an enchanting mystery but a technical trick; we refer to these professionals as ‘Magicians’ or ‘Illusionists’.
Our collaboration started with an image of a bird, freely crossing over the line between two worlds. The crow symbolizes both evil and good, depending on cultural perspective – resembling the life of an illusionist, suffering at the border between reality and fantasy.
In this project, I have defined my photos as a simple expression of my imagination. However, through the various and numerous photos we have prepared, when the distinction between reality and fantasy becomes irrelevant and the real world could also be viewed as fictitious, the conceptual essence of these photos eventually become open possibilities and predictions of the future.