City of ghosts
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Mutations and transformations of the city, the social fabric, altered by the incessant ebb and flow of its inhabitants. A stream of faces and bodies, indistinct and latent, crossing the urban arteries. Shadows emerging as mist exhaled by the contingencies of time.
The city, the social space is divided and broken down into its horizontal and vertical dimensions. Walls, barriers, spaces of incommunicability. Intersections of misunderstanding.
This city, this society is real and tangible in the form and in its exterior, but it ends up losing definition and consistency so submerged, swallowed by this incorporeal amorphous sea of men, who every day inhabit it, pass through and determine it.
A stream of men with no name and no history.
A stream of shadows doomed to wander without identity. Shadows that animate the crossroads, shadows that cross in the space.
Although the city doesn't change in its appearance, it changes in its essence and in its soul. Although it doesn't change in its features, now the social space is well away from the idea that every day we have of it. It ceases to be a place familiar to us and turns into something of stranger, alien. It becomes a reflection of our unconscious.
Everything is change and mutation. Everything is becoming. Everything is illusion and lack of certainty. The social space is transformed into a network of incommunicability. We communicate in the surface. We know each other in the outward appearance. But we remain always strangers and anonymous faceless ghosts.