here and there//after
Project info

In the creation of “in medias res”, and the blank collodion plates therein, I have begun to hone in on what interests me: the surface of the plate and the visualisation of nothingness. Here, I am opening a conversation with the painters of New York School and their monumental, hyper-masculine, non-representational canvases. As a female artist, I feel that this is a special note, as my work has begun to feel to me like a reclamation of agency, a nod to the men that I have held in such high regard for so long and a sly whisper of ‘watch me’. I want to talk about the void, I want to explore what frightens me (herein the proverbial ‘thereafter’), I want to make large pieces, and I have an undeniable urge to push boundaries, ask questions, and break free from the expected presence of a representational image.