Crossing the border
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Tightened my belt from not eating so much, bag on my back has become heavy, salt in my blisters that sting my feet, never giving up is the reason of wanting to move forward, running from a place that says you're no longer welcome by using force by weapon, risking everything through a thought of a friend saying Germany will take us in the way of safety, convinced by this thought, moving becomes instant, objects that once stood in the way now become stepping stones to a land with promise, a place that wants to welcome them with open arms.

On one of the nights that I spent on the Horgos-Roszke border I experienced 15 young Syrian men helping over 200 of their own people go through and under the raze wire fence, never ending one after another they would appear in the moon light, after just walking 3kms along a disused railway tracks in Serbia, and then disappear into the darkness of corn fields and bordering forests of Hungary in a quest to make it to Germany, once everyone had passed under, the 15 men were the last to leave. Witnessing this act of what these men did humbled me to see, the 15 men could have left but they stayed to help many others, a wonderful act of kindness.

I've tried to put myself in these people's position to get a greater understanding as to why so many people have made this move, coming from a place they were born to, to a life of the unknown. I keep asking myself what if this was me in their position? Would I be doing the same? I understand that yet again in the history of mankind we are fighting about the diminishing natural resources that this earth has to offer. I feel that there could be a solution, a change within us all, more a feeling of discovering as opposed to fear that is only within, i feel that we can look beyond our differences, colors, beliefs, to come to an understanding that we're all just a part of mother nature, and this means what we do now in the time we live, is the difference to what we create for generations to come.