Leo Stefano Alfieri, marinaio nella conca dei navigli.
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Milan, before being buried under concrete , was a city of water. A place now almost completely disappeared , a modern Atlantis symbolized by ancient images depicting the canals that represent a lost Eden for most of the inhabitants , to regret for many or to regain for some.
For this reason , the story of a sailor in Milan, although may be perceived as a contradiction since 200 km far away from the sea, actually has its roots deep in the glorious urban waterways sailing tradition.
A tradition resumed nowadays by a citizen, who decided to return to his hometown, after sailing the seas for fifteen years . As he says: " Once sailor, sailor forever ... " and so his passion leads him to discover canals sailing, dreaming that one day they will be open and easily accessible to everybody. A place where a sailor would no longer be perceived as a contradiction but as an added value for the city.