Cromotour Campeche
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Cromotour Campeche
(...) whatever about the rules of harmony, every colour "blends" and "works" with every other colour, provided their relative quantities are appropriate.
Fortunately, so far there are still no categorical general rules on this issue.
Josef Albers, Interazione del colore, Il Saggiatore, Milan 2005.

The streets of the Mexican city of Campeche don't have names, they have numbers.
This accentuates the already powerful sensation, when you are walking through its streets, that you're strolling through a colour card, or rather a colour-matching card. Rhythmically changing colour combinations are produced as you walk through this network of perfectly orthogonal calles laid out in neat geometrical precision, and accompany your every step.
Walking through the streets of Campeche is an extraordinarily intense visual and emotional experience. There's a degree of abstraction about this city of multi-coloured walls which we usually find only in museums, graphic charts or illustrated books: as though reality had become two-dimensional, its colours harmoniously matched, and the complexities of the world reduced to an image whose elements have been designer-controlled.
These graphic and chromatic notebooks made of photographs have been arranged to interact with one another, along with carefully selected background hues and colour samples echoing the tones visible in each image.
Cromotour Campeche is part of the self-published Souvenir series.