Her First Year
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She came into our lives in early 2015.

Her arrival was greeted with anticipation, by everyone.

This is the story of her first year.

Not of every moment of that year–not of the first bath, first feeding, first roll.

Not of the baby book moments.

Those are documented, of course.

But those are not this story.

This is the story of me, learning about my child.

It is a story of birth and growth and accomplishment.

Of determination.

Of exploration.

Of small toes and big smiles.

These physical moments, certain milestones, play a part.

They have to, in the story of any new baby.

But is a story made real by relationships and emotions.






Lots of love.

It was hard, at times.

The beginning always is.

But she is, at her core, a strong little being.

With a huge personality.

To match those of the people around her.

This is the story of a person, in the beginning, and of the moments, the instances, that help us know her.

And her family.

Because somehow, in getting acquainted with her, I learned more about us all.