Project info

The human's effort for reaching a correct bodyweight, from below and from above.
My project's aim is to produce a series of images, capable to testify and communicate what of a human suffering stays behind unequal distribution of food (and culture) in different parts of the world.
The underfed and the overweight conditions.
The underfed is not the good one, and the fat is not the evil: they are just victims from the unbalanced state of the actual world.
An “iconic” image has been produced for this project.
It consists in a diptych, with the photograph of two pills. On the left we find a vitamins and salts integrator pill used in the poor countries for the rehabilitation of the underfed children, and, on the right, we see the pill given to overweight persons, in order not to make them absorb nutrition from the food they eat, no matter of how much they do eat.